Workshop Schedule and Descriptions

We will provide you with all the instruction needed for using products purchased at Mirage Studios.
 Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to apply COLORMAKER floor products from our guest instructor the president of Decorative Concrete Institute Bob Harris.

The three day hands on course will teach you how to surface prep,application of skim coats,intregal coloring, trowel in pigments, staining and dying techniques, Faux finishing techniques, Modello Stencils, sealers and more.

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 Date offered:   June 30th thru July 2nd  
 In this two~day workshop students will learn to will install a cast in place countertop along with templating and casting from a mold.Also students will learn to cast a sink using a Buddy Rhodes sink mold and learn to apply Buddy Rhodes pressed Technique

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 Date offered:   TBA  
 Venetian Plaster is quite simply the layering of different colored plasters applied so that a basecoat of several different opaque colors are left to bleed into each other. These different colors are then allowed to show through a highly polished translucent finished coat of plaster. The result is a finish which at first glance replique montres looks slightly rough and mottled, however when touched the surface is actually smooth and reflective as glass. Caenstone is a troweled on masonry finish that was popular in theaters and very high end residences in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Many interesting patterns can be carved or stenciled out of this great finish. Caenstone has mica specs that sparkle with beautiful elegance.

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 Date offered:   August 5th - 6th  
 The dimensional finishes class covers an array of techniques. There is a demand for high quality finishes and the possibilities are endless. Mirage Studios is here to serve you and give you the instruction you need to start being more creative in your faux finishes. This class will cover some basics such as what products you will need to create certain finishes and the correct tools and application you will need to begin. Some of the finishes we cover include glazing techniques such as ragging, rag-rolling, faux leather, tone-on-tone effect, crackle, stria, parchment paper, basic wood graining, custom imprints and more! We also cover cost estimating and the business aspects of decorative painting. Learn the skills to create subtle to dramatic finishes that will bring depth and character to your rooms! Inquire by calling (718)361-1071 or

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 Date offered:   September 23rd 24th  

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 Date offered:     

Products used in Workshops:

Buddy Rhodes Concrete
Acrylic Additive
Bees Wax
Color Paste
Concrete Bag
Diamond Pads
Edge Forms
Furniture Molds
Liquid Color
Natural Sealant
Satin Sealer
Sink Molds

Aqua Finishing Solutions
Aqua Creme
Aqua Bond
Aqua Color
Aqua Crackle
Aqua Glaze
Aqua Guard
Aqua Hi-Lite Colors
Aqua Seal
Aqua Size
Aqua Stone
Aqua Wax
Crackle Mate
Dutch Metal
Fabric Effects
Finishing Paste
Designer Metallics
Lime Wash
Luster Stone
Plaster Tex
Sand Stone
Venetian Gem Belissimo
Metal Glow
Mica Glow Powders
Olde World Marmorino
Olde World Rust Kit
Olde World Veneziano
Palette Art
Stain and Seal
Aqua Tex
Aqua Thane
Varnish Plus

Master of Plaster
Restoration Plaster
Stone Finishes
Venetian Plaster
 Mirage Studios can teach you the basics and more.

Our Faux Finishing Company has thousands of installations of these products behind us and there are not many problems or circumstances we have not encountered.

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