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Faux Finish on walls
Faux Finish on walls

Category Photos:
Marblized column to match table.
Walls glazed to look like grasscloth.
Leather red parchment paper
Parchment Stripe Two
Parchment Stripe One
Pilar two
Antique parchment Lusterstone.
Glazed Plastertex
Landscape created by ken miller
Faux Finish/Marble and capital
Faux Finish on walls
Lusterstone in billiard room
Gilded ceiling
Gilding on corner wall
Faux Finish Stripes on walls
Mural completed by Ken Miller and Kim Collins.
Tone on Tone stripes with Mural in backround.
Mural In the bank of America building.
Trome loiel Panel by Ken Miller
Sunset Mural by Ken Miller
Gilded Ballroom in [private residence
Gilding on door
PlasterTex on ceiling
3 colors of Lusterstone layered
Lusterstone above vanity
Mural on screen by Ken Miller
Faux Finished Walls
Faux Finish Marble Inlay
Faux Finish marble Inlay with gold trim
Lusterstone on walls
Faux Finish Marble Columns, Concrete Countertop,and lusterstone on walls.
Custom lusterstone Color
Verdigris moldings on top of NYC building,made in our shop.
Verdigris egg and dart molding later to be installed on manhattan building
Verdigris egg and dart in shop waiting to be completed

Products used in Galleries:

Buddy Rhodes Concrete
Acrylic Additive
Bees Wax
Color Paste
Concrete Bag
Diamond Pads
Edge Forms
Furniture Molds
Liquid Color
Natural Sealant
Satin Sealer
Sink Molds

Aqua Finishing Solutions
Aqua Creme
Aqua Bond
Aqua Color
Aqua Crackle
Aqua Glaze
Aqua Guard
Aqua Hi-Lite Colors
Aqua Seal
Aqua Size
Aqua Stone
Aqua Wax
Crackle Mate
Dutch Metal
Fabric Effects
Finishing Paste
Designer Metallics
Lime Wash
Luster Stone
Plaster Tex
Sand Stone
Venetian Gem Belissimo
Metal Glow
Mica Glow Powders
Olde World Marmorino
Olde World Rust Kit
Olde World Veneziano
Palette Art
Stain and Seal
Aqua Tex
Aqua Thane
Varnish Plus

Master of Plaster
Restoration Plaster
Stone Finishes
Venetian Plaster
  Concrete Counter tops can be earthy and natural, with a quality not found in synthetic or stainless steel surfaces. Because each concrete countertop is hand- cast, it exhibits subtle variations in color and texture. Concrete Countertops can also be adorned with botanical imprints from real leaves or imbedded with colorful stones, seashells and even fossils.

  The environmental benefits also appeal to homeowners. Concrete is an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-base synthetic products and nonrenewable natural materials such as quarried stone. Some concrete countertop makers incorporate natural minerals and recycled materials into there creations, such as fly ash (a byproduct of coal production), metal shavings, plastic regrinds, recycled glass and scrap wood chips.
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