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Enhancing Your Buildings Flooring

Impress potential clients who visit your business establishment with some newly designed concrete flooring from Mirage Studios Ltd. We are a commercial flooring company in New York City that specializes in concrete finishing and epoxy flooring. This is ideal for retail establishments, hotels, offices, and restaurants.

Flooring Consulting

Ensure you have the perfect design before the construction takes place with our project consulting services. We communicate with you from start to finish, making sure your project gets finished correctly. The level of detail we put into each project allows us to exceed our customers' expectations. We also offer a warranty for each project we finish.

Concrete Polishing

Let your floors shine and radiate in beauty with a polished concrete floor. This floor type has a high luster when polished, and with the aggregate exposure, it takes on a more natural and organic feel. It can also be stained and colored to give it a one-of-a-kind appearance. We work on both old and new concrete surfaces. Concrete polishing gives it a high luster finish, which compared to other types of flooring, it performs better and is more durable.

Office Desk With Nice Concrete Flooring

Epoxy Coatings

Allow your business to have a more contemporary feel with a durable epoxy coating. This flooring is ideal for night clubs, restaurants, salons, and high-end retail establishments. The flooring can have solid coloring, as well as a metallic color finishing. They require minimum maintenance and prevent any chemical breakdown, as well.

Self-Leveling Cement

Transform your floors that are in an undesirable condition into something eye-catching with an application of our self-rising cement. This application allows your flooring to have a smoother finish. It is also able to be stained, colored, and polished. Depending on the square footage of the project, the self-rising cement can be finished in a matter of days.